Wedding Day



Your big day is here and our job is to get the perfect shots done quickly, so you can get on with your day and have fun with your guests. We’ll be alongside you and your wedding party for the entire day, seeking out dramatic imagery and seamlessly blending the creative and the candid.

So what do we do?

As mentioned above, the main goal of any wedding photographer should be to be yet another guest at a wedding. And not in a sense that we’ll descend on the open bar and empty it! The ideal wedding photographer is a master of stealth – a camera wielding ninja so to speak – and won’t make themselves too prominent.

Alternating between taking wide-angle shots and taking zoomed in shots of the details, and everything in between, we approach your wedding day as a story. With each shot we take, we are actually putting together your wedding album in your head. Obviously, you will still get to choose the photos!


What really happens

Here’s a quick run-down of how the wedding day goes in terms of photography. We’ll turn up to the bridal prep in the morning to capture the manageable chaos of the preparations, as well as the moments with the bride’s mother and the bridesmaids.

We’ll meet the groom approximately half an hour before the ceremony to shoot him and his best men, plus the wedding rings. When the bride arrives at the ceremony, it’s a good opportunity to take some quick photos of her and her dad – it’s ok to skip this part if the bride is feeling too anxious and just wants to walk down that isle!

After the ceremony, we normally shoot with a long lens not to interrupt the congratulations and the drinks that follow. Only when everyone’s relaxed and happy, we do the formal photographs and the group shots. Then, we send everyone away to be left only with the bride and groom for some romantic smootchy photos!