Why does your photography company have such a silly name?

Bound by Light started when I was studying for my PhD in Optics. I was interested in how photons (light) came from the subject that I was photographing and how they were captured in the camera. It seemed as if there was some invisible connection between the subject and the camera! That’s how Bound by Light came to be – a seemingly evocative name.

There’s also the sister project Bound by Starlight, which comes out of my excitement that this light in the night sky has travelled millions of miles across space and has met the camera on a hillside somewhere.

How many photographers attend your wedding?

It’s entirely up to you. Generally speaking, there should be just the one photographer there if there are under 100 guests and the groom isn’t doing anything incredibly exciting in the morning of the wedding. For 100-150 guests, it depends on what sort of a wedding it is. And having 150+ guests is a large wedding and I would recommend having a second photographer present.

What areas do you cover?

I don’t like to limit myself. So Scotland and  North of England, new places are exciting and the most important aspect of good photography is indeed the quality of light. This means that the same venue could be shot in a totally different way, so if you like my style and are interested in having Bound By Light shoot your wedding, then simply get in touch!

Who owns the photographs?

Technically, the photographer will always own the copyright to the images, but Bound By Light gives over shared ownership of this copyright directly to the bride and groom as indicated on the signed contract. This means you have the right to print and share the images as you please – indefinitely!

Are you fully qualified?

Yes, Stuart has a PhD and is an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society. He’s the Regional and National Winner of the SFTC (Science and Technology Facilities Council) photographic competition, and the winner of the Calumet photographic competition. My most proud achievement was being shortlisted for Astronomical photographer of the year. Didn’t win but did end the evening riding in the back of the bus with some of the presenters from the Sky at Night and have since authored several articles for the Magazine, Which is a big win for me! 🙂

Do you have a studio or shop?

We do run a Bound By Light studio, so you’re always welcome to come around for a cuppa it is by appointment only (gives me a chance to clean up the mess!)

Are you insured?

Bound By Light wouldn’t even operate without comprehensive insurance. You can rest assured we have sufficient coverage no matter what happens.

What if your camera kit breaks down?

It isn’t just the one camera that we bring to your wedding. You will find that Bound By Light will bring more cameras to your wedding than your local photographic retailer has behind their glass cabinet door!

What happens if you're ill?

Should Stuart fall seriously ill on your wedding day, there is a system within the professional wedding photographer network to ensure that your day is captured.

How long does it take before I can see my wedding images?

You will always get a sneak peek within a week. Then the aim is to have the images edited within a month, which can sometimes become six weeks at the tail end of the wedding season. Let’s keep in touch and if there are some photos that you are just dying to see, then just ask!

Do you do other types of photography?

Family photography is also part of the Bound By Light business. It’s great fun photographing families, babies and little kids included, and doing so in a playful and relaxed atmosphere.

And then, there is the sister business called Bound by Starlight. Stuart is an avid astronomer and loves going on adventures around Scotland. You can see his entire night-time photography portfolio on that website and order prints too.