Susan & Jonny ended their wedding with a bang literally!

They had an DIY wedding at Ross Priory, University of Strathclyde – Loch Lomond. But rather than make their own pyrotechnics they were lucky enough that Loch Lomand Golf Course had plans to light up the sky! It really was an incredible show… those fire works are three miles away from the Susan & Jonny! If the name rings a bell that is because this is the couple that climbed Ben Ann to get the photo of themselves with the moon eclipse. This photo also employed my dorky maths skills to figure out where to stand to frame them… which ended up being in Loch Lomond. Not that I mind because deep down I’m a big kid that likes playing in the water!


This is the Review that they very kindly wrote:

“Stuart is amazing from start to finish! We really felt like he enjoys building a personal relationship, and didn’t once feel like “just another couple” to him.

Throughout our engagement shoot and wedding day, he went to every length to ensure he captured the perfect picture – from climbing 2 hills in the middle of the night and sitting in thorny bushes, to being knee deep in freezing cold loch water, to ensure he got the right angle – we couldn’t ever fault him.

He captured our day exactly as we imagined it, and couldn’t be any more grateful for his hard work. He’s so friendly and everyone felt at ease with him right away. He was also keen for us to have time to enjoy our day that we’d spent so long planning, and we really appreciated that!

We had fallen in love with Stuart’s work before we even had picked a venue, and on meeting with him, we knew he was the photographer for us. Stuart even help us select the warmest and most cloud free day imaginable!

Selecting Stuart to be our photographer was a great decision and I can assure you, that if you book him for your day, you wont be disappointed! ”