Alex & Lindsey wrote the following,

My wife and I carefully researched wedding photographers and decided to hire Stuart (Bound by Light) for our engagement and wedding photos. My wife’s father is a professional photographer, and so our expectations were high. Stuart exceeded those expectations and then some!

From the beginning, Stuart made us feel comfortable and at ease, developing the easy rapport required for natural looking pictures. For our engagement photos, he knew the right spots to go to and the right times to be there, resulting in great light and stunning backdrops.

In addition to wedding photography, Stuart has a passion for astral photography (starry skies, etc) and the cherry on the cake for our engagement photos was a beautiful picture of the two of us on an old bridge lit by the stars of the milky way. A magical shot that few other wedding photographers could have captured!

At the wedding, Stuart worked tirelessly to capture every element from casual preparations (including a walk in the venue’s grounds), to the bride in her dress, to another unique picture of the two of us silhouetted against a fiery sunset. He even waded out into a thigh-deep river to get the perfect shot. The quality of all the photos was exceptional, and we got more than anyone has any right to expect. Needless to say, we were delighted.

Bound By Light deserves to be a well-known name in wedding photography. I cannot recommend Stuart highly enough.

Thank you so much, Stuart!

Alex & Lindsey